Curt F M is the person behind KOZ!KAN and is by no means everyone’s cup of tea. After having been through as much as I have, I really don’t want to be everyone’s cup of tea either. This is probably how ‘kozikan’ came to be. Been there, done that, fallen off it. Officially disabled.

Fun Flirtatious and Friendly! Well mostly. There are the odd times you will find me down. LIFE HAPPENS. I will quickly turn a ‘frown upside down’. Able to laugh in the face of adversity, most things quickly become something to laugh about, to joke about or make fun over. Its often difficult to tell when I am being serious, this is not a good thing.

My taking ownership of ‘the koz!kan’ mantra has been met with some trepidation and adversity. There are those who reckon it epitomizes exactly who I am while some reckon it may be a bit standoffish and just a LITTLE too arrogant. Hey, I like who I am 90% of the time, the other 10% I love who I am. I am the first person who sees me in the morning. Why shouldn’t I smile at myself? I slept with me last night!





I do sublimation printing on a variety of items which can be seen in my  brochure which you can download. I also do sticky back vinyl for signs and vehicles as well as videoflex vinyl for t shirts and other apparel.

My flagship printer is a CMYW laser printer. This is a digital cyan, magenta, yellow and WHITE toner printer. This means nothing is out of bounds, I can print light colours on dark objects and on virtually any substrate. I chose to concentrate mainly on clothing and fabrics. Some processes on other substrates are not as durable.


 Be warned, its not a cheap process!




Pretty much anything you can print on paper I can transfer onto a mug. Your grans photos, the vows from your wedding your new company logo, a favorite sports team. Absolutely anything. Full colour digital prints on long lasting everyday hard wearing ceramic mugs, cheapies for corporate identity or dishwasher safe for longevity. You decide. Different sizes, different shapes. Check out the various options available in my brochure. There are even those that change colour when they are exposed to hot water. Sounds political doesn’t it?


I will do 1 or 100. There is no minimum quantity, there is no maximum (it’s all about lead times). They make great stocking fillers for Christmas, End of Year gifts for your child’s teacher, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a joke mug for the office clown. They can even be used to enhance your personal style and decor. The more you order the cheaper they get. Mmmm… Ask nicely and I will fill them with sweeties and cellophane gift wrap them for you!


Just a quick reminder, sublimation doesn’t just end with mugs. There are heaps of  other products which are sure to attract interest. Definitely have a look at my brochure.


Give me a shout and lets see what KOZ!KAN can do for you.


Curt F M and Koz!kan branding are based in Edenvale.


Why Choose Kozikan?


I love a challenge, my whole life has been a challenge. 54 years of age and I made it. Not unscathed but I have seen a lot, done a lot. Let us see whether I am able to satisfy your wish list.




Contact me on whatsapp, send me your basic ideas. Let me work on a concept or a quote for you.


+27 (0)65 979 3259



Send me your requirements, your high resolution images for your products, whatever.





Call me to discuss verbally what it is you are after and what the tricky bits are that I should be made aware of.


+27 (0)82 940 4670



The Fineprint


KOZ!KAN quotes are valid for 14 days. Your acceptance involves the signing of the quote, dating it and returning to myself via email or whatsapp. No work shall commence prior to a signed quote being received as well as a 50% deposit appearing in my bank account. This deposit is to cover the cost of specialized materials which are specific to your order. Debit and Credit Card facilities are available.


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